Tracking information.

DHL will send you an email with your tracking number once the package is prepared and picked up at our warehouse. You can follow it at:

If your tracking link does not work try it again later as it normally takes some hours to DHL to register the tracking information. Please note that DHL only works on business days.

If your order pass through customs, we are not liable for any additional costs it may arise.

If you send a return package to a wrong address, we are not liable for any loss or misplacement.

Estimate time of delivery and shipping fees:

>  Spain: 3/5 business days – 5€
>  Rest of Europe: 5/7 business days – 7€


Defective products.

If you receive any defective product, send us pictures where the defect is clearly shown to, so that we can verify it and find a solution for you.


Incorrect order.

If you receive an incorrect order, send us a picture of everything you have received, along with the respective references in the box, and we will resolve the problem for you once the content is verified.


Returns and refunds.

If you wish to invoke your right of withdrawal, please, fill in the following form, to comply with our national laws, and send it to

The right of withdrawal states that you can return the product to the sender within 14 days upon reception, paying the shipping fees that may arise of such return. Once we receive the merchandise, we would refund the corresponding amount of the order, though not the return costs (if all the merchandise was returned we’d reimburse the shipping fees of the original order too).


Right of withdrawal form.

Av. Alcoy 83
03010, Alicante

I hereby declare that I renounce on my acquisition contract on:

Ordered the ________of_________of________ / received the ________of_________of_________ [state date of contract/date of delivery of the order]

[Name of the customer] _____________________

[Customer’s address] _____________________

[Date] ___ / ___ / ______

Accepted payment methods


When to contact PayPal.

Note that we do not have access to your PayPal account so you shall contact them if you want to open a PayPal account, change your password, verify if a payment has failed, check the status of a transaction or any other issue related with such platform.


I want to sell TAISH at my store.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized retailer of TAISH please write us at

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